Easter Ham EggsMy Gramma always had special preparations in her kitchen for the Easter.

The ritual in our family, was, and still is, the Eastern brunch.
Gramma always had nice, juicy Easter ham, followed by stuffed eggs, horseradish sauce and spring onions. With freshly baked corn bread, my whole family couldn't wait too long for Easter brunch.

Later, after the Church, Gramma was in charge for Easter lunch.
I remember her table, with hand made white lace table cloth, plates for special ocassions and sparkling clean glasses.
Granpa used to «open» the lunch with a small glass of schnaps, Gramma liked her green wallnuts liquer, and my Mom and Dad usually had cherry liquer.

My brother and me – well, we had a glass of Gramma's fruit juice such is cherry or strawberry juice.
We were having delicious chicken soup with handmade noodles or sometimes wheat dumplings, lots of carrots and parsley.

After the soup, roasted lamb or veal with baby potatoes and carotts arrived on the table, and everyone was slurping enjoying Gramma's wonderful meals.
Lunch ended usually with a rich chocholate cake, or sometimes cherry strudel.
Cherrie StrudelMy brother was crazy about her cherry strudel, and that aromatic cake couldn't last too long with him nearby.

We were celebrating Easter in Gramma's kitchen enjoying in being gathered, talking, laughing and giving honour to my Gramma for all the delicacies she made.
She enjoyed in us, as well, I knew that because of the warmth of her smile and the way she was looking at us, her family.