sunflower in summerSummers in my Gramma's kitchen were always sunny, full of beautiful scents of fresh fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers.
She had her own garden, very neat, very rich and very colorfull.

Gramma loved to work in garden and she really had green thumb.
Her own tomatoes, red and green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, peas, cabbage heads, lettuce, lots of different herbs like basil, thyme and rosemary, lots of roses, sunflowers, one huge jasmine bush, all of them were carefully grown and watched over by my Gramma.

Garden was cultivated with big care and she organized it, carefully watched which plants like each other and which don't.

I remember she always had fresh tomatoes and peppers in the kitchen. If someone was hungry, like my Grandpa, she used to prepare a quick salad with some goat cheese, tomatoes and peppers, or red peppers and potato frittata. With a big pot of vegetable soup, every of her lunch was real celebration of freshness and summer joy.

Gramma liked her table to be neat and nicely served, always with fine table clothes, plates and with a big vase full of scenty summer roses or sunflowers.
muffinsBecause I was her loving granddaughter, she made, just for me, strawberry muffins which I loved and still do!

Those muffins were bursting with shiny, red strawberries, sprinkled with fine sugar and melting in my mouth.

Not only the strawberry muffins, but apple or cherry strudels were often served with a cup of coffee, fruit juice or some of her famous liquers that she used to make during the fruit season.  

I will always remember Gramma's summers with joy!