Beef Soup1000 - 1250 g beef
4 carrots
6 sprigs of parsley
4 leafs of kale
5 pieces of celery
2 small potatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 onion


In a large pot put washed meat with 3 liters of cold water to cook to the boiling point.
In the meantime, clean carrots, wash parsley sprigs and kale leafs, clean celery and potatoes and cut them into pieces.
Put whole carrots, parsley sprigs and kale leafs into pot, add pieces of celery and leave it to cook for 2,5 hours over a light heat.
Clean the onion and cut it into rings, fry them in a pan without any grease until they start to smell and add to the soup pot.
Add garlic and cook everything for another 1/2 hours.
At the end, take out the meat, strain soup, season with salt and pepper to taste.