potato soup400 gr potatoes
150 gr pork ribs (dried smoked)
50 gr mushrooms (wild)
10 gr lard
10 gr flour
4 gr paprika (red, dried)
2 liters water
1 bay leaf
100 gr sour cream
2 tbsps fresh dill (minced)


In a pot, heat the lard and add the flour. Fry until it becomes brownish and then add paprika. Add the cold water and make it creamy. Make sure you do not get lumps.

Slice potato into small cubes and add into the soup. Slice mushrooms into leaves and add into the soup. Slice dried smoked pork ribs into small pieces and add into the soup. You can also use smoked bacon. Add bay leaf.

Cook for 1,5 to 2 hours. When the potato becomes soft just squash it a bit to make it more creamy. At the end, before serving, add sour cream and dill.