ChickenSoupBKE1 small chicken, cleaned and washed well
3 carrots
3 celery root
3 parsley root
1 onion
1/2 kohlrabi
2 cloves of garlic
leaf parsley
3-4 grains of black pepper
salt and pepper
coarsely chopped parsley

Cleaned and well washed chicken put in cold water, in a large pot. Water must covers the chicken completely.
Put the pot with chicken to cook over a medium heat.
Meanwhile, clean and wash the carrots, celery roots, kohlrabi and parsley.
Clean onions, cut them into halves and bake each half on a plate of stove while the bottom of the onion becomes brown.
All cleaned vegetables and baked onions add to the pot with the chicken .
Wash the parsley, clean the garlic and add to the pot, together with black pepper grains.

Cook covered over medium heat until the vegetables and the meat is cooked. Strain the soup and leave the vegetables on the side.
Add homemade noodles into boiling soup and cook until noodles become soft.
Season with salt and pepper to taste, add the cooked vegetables.
Sprinkle with coarsely chopped parsley.